December 10, 2012

NY Water A Gift - to Gas

There are so many areas to question the sanity of HVHF gas drilling in NY State (or anywhere!), it is hard to pick just one area to discuss!  So attribute my birth sign, Pisces, to the fact that I am totally drawn to the issue of water ~ particularly fresh water supply.  Within my short life time of only 60ish years, water to live by has been depleted, threatened, contaminated, cleaned, contaminated, polluted, politicized and commercialized.  At the bottom line:  we are in real danger of killing ourselves off by eliminating our fresh water sources.

As long as I live, I'll never forget Sandra Steingraber's statement at Sen Grisanti's public hearing in Canandaigua NY regarding fracking wastewater - once water is made toxic and stored it is forever out of the ecosystem.  Think about that concept.  Water that is naturally filtered and cleaned by the environments of our planet continue to supply us through a cyclical chain of events.  Water that is taken, made toxic and then "stored", is gone forever.
by Rachel Treichler, 11/22/2012,  New York Water Law is a MUST READ 

We are facing many statewide issues over fracking, and the free giveaway of our fresh water supply is one of them.  Yet again, our own DEC has guidelines that will allow gas drillers to evade the requirements for water withdrawals and take our precious commodity at no cost or regard for residents of NY State.  The agency does not have the manpower to oversee these regulations.  Who will?

The regulations issued by the DEC are not a "what if" proposal.  These are the guidelines set to take effect in spring 2013.  The guidelines have been set even before we, as a state, know whether or not industrial drilling operations including high volume hydraulic fracturing will commence here. 

Water rights and useage is an extremely complicated issue. You should be asking your state representatives and Gov Cuomo questions like: 
  • I pay for my fresh water. Why don't gas drilling companies have to pay for water they take?
  • How will you protect and provide fresh drinking water supplies for future generations if our water is taken, made toxic and stored?

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