January 01, 2013

A New Year and Renewed Energy

There is a strong quality about the first of any year that makes one stop and pause:  What will be goal of this year?  What am I to do now?  Have I done all that I can so far?  Am I being true to who I really am?

When I attended a Unity service this past week, someone asked me about why I got so involved in the debate over fracking and did I think it was really going to make a difference.  Good questions that made me reflect again.

This is not really a fight against something.  It is for us.   It is a driven work to keep and protect the beautiful divine creation that we all call home, Earth.  Of all the issues I've been concerned about over my 62 years, nothing has been clearer in my heart and soul than the need to keep the devastating technology of HVHF from becoming the norm. It is time to foster in a new era of truth when it comes to our energy needs.  I hear repeatedly from pro-drilling corners that this will benefit our economy, aka money.   Those who work to stop HVHF and fossil fuel dependency are doing so for the good of the planet and all living beings on it.   There is no financial goal.  There is no political prowess to come from it.

This is a time when each and every person should reflect upon the direction of the new year.  We are a world united and there is no separation amongst the peoples or nations.  What we do for ourselves, we do to the world.   What happens on another continent, affects ours.  On such a strength of union we must create the best possible world we can.  There just isn't any other choice.  Money is not the answer to the world's needs.   Being true to our highest purpose and caring for each other are the only goals we can possibly enjoy in this lifetime.

So with regards to the work to end HVHF/fracking / drilling / pipelines / water depletion / toxic contamination and all that is involved with natural gas and fossil fuel dependency, we have a busy year ahead.   To work tirelessly to make the planet cleaner and safer for all living beings for generations to come is a privilege.  I know it will continue with renewed energy.

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