January 10, 2013

After The Rally

Jan 9 was a major turnout day in the Albany NY capitol city.  Some lucky citizens came to hear Gov Cuomo's State of the State address and nearly 2000 citizens gathered to demonstrate their opposition to HVHF in NY State.  The rally was located in the main Concourse hallway from 11 until about 3.  Buses and carpools came from all regions of the state - from the southern tier to Buffalo to the Adirondaks to New York City.  The age span ran from the very young to elders!  A very BIG thank you to all the organizers who made this event possible!


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Something great I noticed yesterday while spending the day in the State Capitol Concourse.  There was a large lobby display of major investment projects all around NY State.  The showcase of projects started and proposed under Gov Cuomo's watch was very impressive.  Lots of green energy.  Lots of infrastructure building.  Lots of business development.  New industries - technology, health, and more.  

It struck me loud and clear:  for the gas/oil industry to continue to use the argument that NY jobs will be a prime benefit of HVHF in our state is useless!  It is a temporary boom and such an industry path will be destructive to our state in so many ways.  Creating 60,000 jobs temporarily (many filled from out of state employees) and destroying just as many or more NY jobs and businesses permanently is not sound fiscal development.

NY is doing well to grow into a safe, healthy, sound economy.  Miles yet to go, but there is a base developed NOW that we can build on for all generations of NY citizens. 

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