January 16, 2013

Don't Build it UP!

Support a new drive from our friends at CREDO.  I strongly agree that the industry is pushing and pushing to increase dependence on natural gas thereby building it's future market.  It is rather a brilliant marketing move actually!  But unlike the quiet land lease grabs in the early 2000 years, this move is easy to read. 

Many articles have articulated the push for gas exports and the cons of it.  If we focus finances and infrastructure on building the economy based on this fossil fuel we are in fact diverting monies from new technology development for sustainable and renewable energy systems.  Make no mistake: people will suffer because of it.

I disagree completely with President Obama's statements that we can solve our energy problems using "all of the above" strategies.  If you do too, please sign on to CREDO's petition.

Subject: Deadline Jan. 24 - Tell the Obama administration: Do not export fracked gas
Dear Friend,

The fracking industry wants to start exporting fracked gas all over the world -- one of the greatest threats to our fight against fracking and climate change, because it would dramatically increase the scale of fracking in this country.

Last month, President Obama's Department of Energy released a terrible report that downplays the devastating impact that fracking, burning and exporting gas has on local communities, our economy, and on the climate. We have until January 24 to push back on this report.

As President Obama begins his new term, we need to urge his administration to take a stand to protect our climate, not continue giving fossil-fuel companies free rein to destroy our health, communities and our future.

Tell the Obama administration: Reject applications to export fracked gas. Click here to submit a public comment to the Department of Energy.


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