January 29, 2013

That Was Easy!

Whenever I get focused on the goal of keeping NY state free from high volume industrialized gas or oil drilling, the negativity of the science and circumstances coming forth can get overwhelming.  In an effort to educate citizens around the state we tend to share report after report and picture after picture of the problems, the devastation, the horrors of becoming an industrialized fracking zone.  That's a lot of dark stuff to be slogging around!

While it is crucial to share the cons of the industry we are working to stop, I would suggest it is imperative to also remind ourselves and citizens of this state that we can and we must ask ourselves repeatedly:  What do I love?   What makes me smile inside and out?

So today, just for 7 minutes, I'd like to shift the focus to this side of this coin. 

Abraham Hicks - The best business and career advice EVER
listen to the main question:  what rings your bell?

Understanding and using the law of attraction must always be in the forefront of our "work" regardless of how big or how small the task seems.  Nothing is ever created without the initial thought.  Every bridge, every computer program, every piece of clothing, every law first came from a thought.   Infinite universal energy always aligns with our stated thoughts to bring forth that for which we ask.

NY will grow and prosper without the use of HVHF industrialized gas drilling fields;
The nation will prosper using green technology;
The world will sustain life with abundant prosperity, health and well being for all Earth citizens.

   .....those are my thoughts today and everyday.   That's what rings my bell.

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