January 07, 2013

What's in the Word Fracking?

The language of the debate over "fracking" in NY sometimes gets illusive.  This industry claims that fracking is not dangerous to our health and environment.  So what does that really mean?  I believe OGI (oil and gas industry) claim is about the actual, physical, short term drilling of the hole and subsequent shattering.  When a frack-activist talks about fracking the scope is much broader.

In order to accomplish the goal of that physical well and shattering, a whole gambit of operations has to take place first and after.  These are just a few of the major events.
The list is not inclusive by any means.  The point is this:  the industrialization of a state region in order to drill for natural gas is commonly referred to as fracking when we talk about the need to "ban fracking".  You cannot separate one single part of this operation out of the others.  It is the total cumulative process of high volume hydraulic fracturing drilling that is toxic and dangerous to our health.  There is absolutely nothing clean about this "clean energy" that the industry is marketing. 

Whether it is the radioactive materials or methane released or the extreme depletion of our fresh water supply or the destruction of our lands or the complicated house of cards the industry has built financially - we must stop the corporate industrialization of our state now.  That means:  no HVHF drilling and all that is required to support it.  If NY were to ban fracking and re-focus the energy conversation to renewable, green, safe energy development it will be an historic moment in all of US history.

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