February 13, 2013

The Day After

Looking for a brief to understand the flow process of SGEIS - Regulations - SAPA - DOH - DEC?  Always on target, always concise and in all ways directly to the point!   Read Chip Northrup's article to understand exactly where we are on "the morning after":

It may seem like a day to shout and cheer, but much work remains to protect our state from the threat of mass industrialization from natural gas drilling.  We have only reached Step 1.  I would propose a thank you to our state legislators and senators who are diligently working on full disclosure and an outright ban.   Whether or not you are physically in their district, they need to know New Yorkers in general are behind their efforts.

 Then I would recommend a strong letter to President Obama reminding him that now is not the time to expand natural gas drilling in this country.   

Here is my letter to President Obama today: 

In the SOTU address I again cringed as you spoke about expanding natural gas drilling in the US - particularly on Federal lands.

I am an active CITIZEN in New York who will work as much as needed - in any way needed - to stop HVHF from entering and destroying our beautiful state.  To repeatedly listen to you encourage the use of natural gas is a heartbreak.  Who are you representing - the citizens of this country or the natural gas lobby?

President Obama - take no actions to encourage HVHF drilling until the EPA has done a full assessment of the health impacts upon American CITIZENS.  Toxic waste contamination from HVHF is cumulative and cannot be determined at the time of error.  To put our federal lands at risk is an outright shame.

Every single state that is currently engaged in HVHF for natural gas also has a growing number of CITIZEN grassroots organizations working feverishly to stop the current corporate operations.  People are being poisoned, contamination of our water supply is increasing, depletion of our fresh water supply is increasing and still the corporations are doing "business as usual" thanks to exemptions from Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Sir, respectfully, you are being two-faced in your policy regarding energy when it comes to natural gas.  Shale gas extraction is not the answer for our country.  Natural gas is not the answer for our world!

I urge you to halt any expansion of shale gas extraction by HVHF and build a true legacy for Americans with new sustainable energy sources.  

Your presidency is vital to the future of this country.  Do not leave us in a toxic nightmare.

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