February 03, 2013

The Question of Water

NY grassroots fracktivists have been very focused on what happens in Ohio and Pennsylvania as they are our direct physical neighbors.   Fracking never affects just the region where the well hole occurs.  Rather, fracking has a multiplicity impact.   The article here is especially important because you can substitute any state name for the controversy.  The question of fresh water usage is mind-boggling!  (see blog article Water Water Going Going )

What is really critical to remember about the millions upon billions of gallons of fresh water used for HVHF operations around the country is two fold:
1) water is removed from the ecosystem permanently
2) the impact across the nation is accumulative.  
Removal of billions of gallons of water from the earth’s surface arouses new opposition to fracking - Local News

New report from EcoWatch today on Michigan's extreme water usage for fracking.   It really brings the point home hard:  How much water is being used for Michigan’s frack industry is now proven to be obscenely underestimated.     Then think about all the other regions around the country using the same drilling technology.  Don't miss the EcoWatch article.

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