February 01, 2013

Welcome Save The Southern Tier

Welcome to the anti-fracking grassroots movement's newly organized network:  Save The Southern Tier.

There is no us against them when it comes to the issues of fracking NY state and it's people.   That is a manipulative game chip that the gas industry lobbyists and strategists created.  I say, game over!  We are ONE state.

What affects our neighbors 50 or 700 miles away affects all NY citizens in every region of the state.  Economic development for New York must move in a balanced and encompassing manner that will benefit all of the citizens from every corner of our boundary.  The troubles facing older farms and communities in the Southern Tier have to be addressed by state and local governments. We can grow our economy for a solid, lasting future.

Creating a sacrifice zone of industrialized natural gas drilling in one region is not the path forward.  We cannot allow future health risks, pollution and clean up tax burdens to pull the state backwards.  We cannot make some citizens guinea pigs for future studies!  No sacrifice zones.

Gov. Cuomo has encouraged new economic initiatives and businesses - many more are needed!  Expanding the fossil fuel and gas industrialization of NY must not be one of them. 

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