April 23, 2013

Cuomo's Conflict of Interests!

A Letter and urgent request for action from Food & Water Watch:  Gov Cuomo must stop the conflict of interest and create real studies on fracking!
It's outrageous.
We just learned that Governor Cuomo contracted parts of his fracking review to companies that belong to the Independent Oil and Gas Association — one of the biggest pro-fracking lobby groups in New York. Tell Governor Cuomo to throw out his industry-biased fracking review today.
Think about what this means. Our state paid fracking industry consultants to study whether the state should allow fracking. This conflict of interest is epic in scope and clearly casts doubt on the entire fracking review process.

It's time to call the Cuomo Administration's review of fracking's potential impacts what it is: a sham. Join me in demanding that Governor Cuomo throw out the existing review, written in part by the gas industry, and begin a genuinely independent look at fracking.

A truly independent study of fracking will show what so many of us already know: fracking is inherently dangerous and should be banned.

Tell Governor Cuomo his fracking review is a sham:

Thanks for taking action,
Alex Beauchamp
Northeast Region Director
Food & Water Watch

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