May 23, 2013

NYLCV Really For Gas Development?

NY League of Conservation Voters - sounds good, right?  At first glances from the website you might think - gee, what a swell organization.  If you care about the economy and environment of NY state you might want to support them.    But ... beware the wolf in sheep's clothing particularly when it comes to keeping our state free from becoming another highly industrialized zone due to shale gas drilling.

Many page clicks into the website is the following page article [bold emphasis are my highlights]
    Ensure no high-volume hydraulic fracturing permits are issued until New York's regulations have been updated and are in full effect.
    Ensure that regulations are based on an adequate final generic environmental impact statement that addresses the risks and impacts associated with natural gas exploration and production using hydraulic fracturing and the management and disposal of wastes generated by those activities, and provide for a full public discussion of hydraulic fracturing's potential health impacts.
    Ensure that the regulations establish drill-free zones in identified environmentally sensitive or habitat-critical areas (including surface and groundwater watersheds) and in the areas surrounding such zones where drilling or associated hydraulic fracturing activities could adversely impact such environmentally sensitive or habitat-critical zones.
    Require any high-volume hydraulic fracturing waste waters that meet the definition of hazardous waste under state law and regulation are managed and disposed of as such.
    Pursue appropriate mitigation alternatives and measures and address the socio-economic and reasonable environmental concerns of the localities that will be impacted by hydraulic fracturing activities.
    Ensure that all agencies (particularly the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) have the staffing and resources needed to enforce the regulations and monitor compliance with permit conditions imposed on applicants, including those designed to ensure that the impacts of hydraulic fracturing are appropriately mitigated and the public's health and safety are protected.

Please note the very first line : Ensure no high-volume hydraulic fracturing permits are issued until New York's regulations have been updated and are in full effect.   What NYLCV seeks to do is have some groundwork so HVHF / fracking WILL COME to NY.   That is quite a different take than  investigating the pros and cons of bringing this industry into NY!  

Since the recent gala on the Pier demonstrates in plain view who many of the major financial supporters are ... aka the gas industry partners ... it is highly suspicious as to where NYLCV's true alliance lies:   Is it big money industrial supporters or to the citizens of NY and our environment?

Intensive industrialization creates pollution and that pollution knows no man-made regulatory boundaries!   Establishing "a regulation" will not protect citizens from a toxic environment should HVHF gas drilling commence in our state.  Once the milk is spilled it is spilled. 

We can't even fight for safe treatment of toxic waste water that meet the definition of hazardous waste under state law and regulation because long ago the industry politically maneuvered itself to be EXEMPT from federal definitions and protections under Clean Water and Clean Air Acts!  So waste is just industrial waste and that is a whole different classification of protection.

NYLCV does not even make a true statement on their About Page!
NYLCV is the only statewide environmental organization in New York that fights for clean water, clean air, renewable energy and open space through political action. We're non-partisan, pragmatic and effective
I guess they should take a look at the many organizations listed under the resources just on this blog alone!   If you start with lie, how can we believe the value of what you propose afterwards?

You cannot BE for the environment and growing a green sustainable economy and BE for shale gas drilling industrialization in NY.  They just don't mix and they never will.   The depths of issue are immense.

NYLCV - be true to your purpose and stop hiding the push for gas development in NY under a catchy name.

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