May 30, 2013

Our food supply

Today's Opinion page of the NY Daily has an excellent letter written by two professional chefs and restaurant owners:  Mario Batali and Bill Telepan
The risks we are facing in regards to our food supply in NY couldn't be stated more clearly!  I find myself now days double scanning the food labels of products we consume.  Where does it come from?  Is it a PA farm or any farm near a drilling region?  I want no part of it.  

Something especially poignant in the article is the understanding that when we talk about banning fracking, it is not just because of the drilling technology and practices - as horrific as they are. It is also because by fostering the continued growth of gas drilling in our country, we are INCREASING the high volume of toxic chemicals that are being manufactured and put into our Earth's ecosystem.   There is no way to separate the issues.   Chemicals in our environment accumulate.  Toxic trespassing is a real threat.

From the article:
Those of us who believe that the risks are not worth the much-hyped economic benefits must speak loudly, because we’ll never get back what we lose.
And this isn’t just about jobs on the one hand versus the environment on the other. There are real economic risks to fracking — because local agriculture, food and beverage production, not to mention restaurants and tourism, are vital, interdependent economic engines that rely on our state’s famously pristine water and farmland

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