June 13, 2013

Demand a NY Senate Vote on Fracking Moratorium

POSTSCRIPT 6/21 The fracking moratorium bill passed in the Assembly and there was enough support to pass it in the Senate ... but the vote was held up.
Senate leadership  to blocked a simple vote on a fracking moratorium bill.   The Session is now done.   Remember how they did next voting time!
Call Senate Leaders Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein and tell them THEY FAILED NY.

Senator Skelos’ phone number: (518) 455-3171

Senator Klein’s phone number: (518)-455-3595
These Senators need to stop playing games -- this isn't a time for petty politics. Fracking poses real challenges to clean water and healthy communities, and New Yorkers deserve to have all of those risks fully evaluated before a single well is drilled.
The Environmental Conservation Committee is holding many bills for the protection of New Yorkers on  their desks and away from having a vote in the full legislature.  Perhaps a quick phone call or note to Senator Mark Grisanti, Chairman of ECC, would be in order as well!

Just a quick search on NY Open Legislation for natural gas will make your head spin.  With many many bills proposed still in various committees, there is no way this state can claim a job completed with full understanding and protection of the health, safety and legal rights of it's citizens.   Meanwhile the industry lobbyists push hard for their preferred agendas through other legislative doors and influence.

This quagmire of legislation to protect our rights has to stop!

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