June 06, 2013

June 17 Crossroads in Albany

Just a reminder that June 17 is fast approaching and the excitement is growing!  Do not miss this very important opportunity to stand up and speak up:  No to Fracking - Yes to Renewable Energy!  For full details visit NYCrossroads at BIT.LY/NYSCROSSROADS

On a personal note - I did a search of my heart and head  - why am I going to another rally?  I'll be just one more body in a street crowd for the 5th time.  I'm actually losing count of how many streets I've stood on over the years and the phone calls and letters written.  So why go now?
Because this movement has grown up and evolved into the most important message citizens could possibly fight for:  end the dependency on oil/gas fossil fuels now and do not play the game that "natural" gas is the answer for the next 25 years!  It is not.  Renewable energy investment and development now is our answer!
Every time I look at my three grandchildren my heart has a heavy pang as I think about an industrialized future environment beyond possible imagination!  The dependency of fossil fuels and gas in particular means more air pollution, methane, NORMs, smog, pipelines, well pads, less water, affects to our healthy foods supply, toxic chemicals in our Earth and traveling on our roads - just to name a few.    No one can deny this even if they are a doubter of climate change and the affects we humans are creating.  It has to stop now.

What once was in the public trust and national treasures, namely, our parks and federal lands and state forests, are gradually being turned into cash banks for the corporations acre by acre.  Can you really fathom mining in the Grand Canyon?  Could Letchworth be on the futures list?  Leases to lands in shale "plays" (there is nothing related to play in this game!) are being sold off just like the last mess of mortgage-backed securities!  We don't know what belongs to who or what country anymore.  It has to stop now.

I watch the political games being played at the expense of basic foundations of this country.  That angers me deeply.   Secrecy, mis-representation, to no representation! Why?  for the power of the dollar?  Even the supply of news has been contaminated in this fight.  This has to stop now.

Yes - I'll be in Albany again on the 17th, and every other event it takes, to assure that now is the time we move forward into the future that is energy sustainable and takes into account the health, well being and rights of all citizens.   The elite power of wealth must be secondary to the power of individual citizens.  This movement is much more than a singular issue.  It is a statement of who we are as people and what our country stands for.

Hope you'll come along to the June 17 Crossroads Rally too.

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  1. In a broadcast note from NYAF - this is just a partial list of sponsors for the rally - WOW:

    Sponsored by: New Yorkers Against Fracking, Americans Against Fracking, Food & Water Watch, Frack Action, Catskill Mountainkeeper, 350.org, United for Action, Riverkeeper, New York State Sustainable Business Council, Citizen Action-NY, NOFA-NY, Working Families Party, Democracy for America, Alliance for a Green Economy, Greenpeace, New York State Breast Cancer Network, Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Otsego 2000, Save the Southern Tier, MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Center for Health, Environment and Justice, Environmental Advocates, NYH2O, Damascus Citizens, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Chefs for the Marcellus, Citizens Environmental Coalition, Sierra Club-Atlantic Chapter, Environment NY, NYPIRG, Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, Concerned Citizens of Covert, ROUSE, Shaleshock, Capital District Against Fracking, Greenstar Cooperative Market, Green Party of NY, Brooklyn Food Coalition, Jews Against Hydro-fracking, Syracuse Cultural Workers, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Shaleshock CNY, Syracuse Peace Council, Kirkland Committee to Prohibit Hydro-fracking, Western NY Drilling Defense, WNY Peace Center, R-CAUSE, Cattaragaus-Chautauqua For Clean Water, New York Interfaith Power & Light, Protecting Our Water Rights, Nurse Rise-Nurses for Safe Water, CWA District One Healthcare Coordinating Council, Frack Free Genesee, The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester, Grassroots Environmental Education, New York State Council of Churches, Lower East Side Coalition to Stop Hydraulic Fracturing, Three Parks Independent Democrats, NY Contra el Gasoducto, Trinity Lutheran Church of Brooklyn, City of Binghamton Residents Against Fracking, Sullivan Area Citizens for Responsible Energy Development, WESPAC, Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition, Westchester for Change, West 80′s Neighborhood Association, Sharon Springs Against Hydro-fracking, New York Society for Ethical Culture, Progressive Democrats of America, South Shore Audobon Society, New York Solar Energy Society, Light Alliance Foundation, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and more!