June 04, 2013

The Truth Will Prevail

After all the accusations, name calling and lies about environmental/health activists - you'd think I would be happy to read the editorial in the TimesUnion.com today:  The Gas Industry's Hot Air 

But I'm not.

In fact I have a pit in my stomach because I guess deep down in I wanted to wake up some day and have somebody tell me ... it's really all good ... we are safe...air is clean ....water is not really in danger... there's no toxic chemical dangers to pollute your grandchildren.    Honestly, I really wanted to be wrong about the endless battle we've been involved in for the past many years now.

But we aren't.
"...an energy executive's recent acknowledgement that things have not been as good as the ads suggest must seem like refreshing candor.
Unfortunately, it only affirms what many New Yorkers have suspected all along: that there is every reason to question the industry's claims about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Nor is there any reason to believe that the industry's seeming frankness is anything but the latest spin."

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Editorial-The-gas-industry-s-hot-air-4572748.php#ixzz2VH6nMbS0
The strongest aspect of all the activism against high volume hydraulic fracturing and the gas industry in general has focused on what IS and scientific data.  No hype, just fact.  Actually there is no need for hype because the facts are horrifying enough! 

Our world cannot afford to continue on this path of fossil fuel dependency and all the toxic damage it spreads.  No more kicking the can down the road.   NOW is the time for green, sustainable energy investment and development. 

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