July 03, 2013

Dear Gov

Dear Governor Cuomo:
Governor, I have written, called, petitioned and demonstrated at the capitol many times over the past 2 years with just one message:  do not allow HVHF / fracking in NY.  Today I remain as committed as ever to convince you that we must not go down that path as it is dangerous to the health of our people and all future generations. Our environment will never be the same healthy NY that it is if we become an industrialized zone for shale gas drilling.  Our aquifers, rivers, state lands and and farm lands will be at risk from water depletion, contamination and toxic waste.
You just sent us a letter regarding the Commission on Public Corruption:  “We must root out corruption in politics and government.”   The very deepest of corruption taking place now is the over-influence of the gas lobby in Albany vs the voices of people of this state.  The secrecy of the DOH review of information regarding the health risks of fracking is atrocious.  You have failed to bring in significant scientists and health care advocates into this process.  Three people in particular should be in this process:  Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Dr. Anthony Ingraffea and Walter Hang.  I know you already know their backgrounds and positions.  It is a travesty that they have not had a seat at your conference table!
I am deeply encouraged by your commitment to develop green, sustainable energy with economic growth  in our state.  You have done very well.  What is so baffling is that you think that this can continue if we go forward with shale gas drilling in NY.  It cannot.    You cannot water down a raging fire while you continue to feed it to burn.
Governor Cuomo, I implore you: do not allow high volume hydraulic fracturing technology for gas drilling to come into NY State.  Do not allow toxic waste materials from fracking in other states to come into our state.   End this issue once and for all so that we can move 100% forward with real sustainable energy development.   The majority of citizens of this state will support you on this move. The gas industry has shown again and again that they do not care about the regions they drill.  It is just a grab and go. 
I am a grandmother and lifelong resident of New York.  Keep our lands developing in a healthy process for my children and their children's children. 

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