July 03, 2013

Summer Reading

As I get ready to take a short break from the internet world & blogging, I started thinking about why I got into "this movement" and it felt like a walk through a history book.   That seems very strange because the timeline of my research experience with gas drilling and fracking is only about 4 years old.  Hardly a life long study but the territory covered has been enormous.  What started as a "ban fracking" cry has evolved into a much larger understanding of the power, politics and connections of the energy world.

No matter what fancy that tickles your heart or what little problem boggles your brain, when you delve into a singular thought you immediately turn the key to open Pandora's box.  Very little on this plain stands alone.  Everything is connected through a vast network.  The energy power struggle we are going through now has it's roots in other centuries and will create a future that human beings are as yet unable to fully encompass.   The questions remain - which way and what path.

The new Book-Film-Video page was created to lead readers into published works where you can delve deeper into the complex energy issue.  I would especially invite you to block off an hour and play the video of Dr Steve Greer's talk in 2009, The Promise of New Energy.  You may be surprised at the connections!

How do you tell a friend that their very existence here is under serious threat without making them run off screaming?  Fear accomplishes nothing, only the understanding of the full truth can shed light.  Every step in in that direction builds another mile closer to a world of peace, abundance and prosperity for all.  That really is the crux of the energy issue. The Albany Crossroads rally last June defined it well.

I sincerely encourage you to read up, read deep and then share what you find!  Remember to write your representatives from the town board to the President and tell them - renewable, sustainable energy now is our only path forward for this country.

See you in August.

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