August 23, 2013

Obama in NY

Support New Yorkers Against Fracking today via live Twitter:

and on Facebook

If you cannot be at any of the rallies - you can show support to ban fracking in US and to move forward with alternative, green energy developments by retweeting and specifically addressing
  • President Obama through the Whitehouse contact line 
  • Twitter: @Whitehouse, @BarackObama,  and of course @NYGovCuomo
  • Hastags: #banfracking #NYAgainstFrack, #dontfrackus, #fracking

Here is my own letter to President Obama today:

Had I known you would drive right by my house yesterday (outside of Rochester) I would have given you a grand smiley wave and yelled:  President Obama - Ban Fracking!

I deeply hope you saw our beautiful state for real from those bus windows.  NY is lush and healthy and we want to stay that way.  I cannot bear the thought that you still believe the gas industry line that they can frack/drill for shale gas all over this country and not destroy our health, our environment and our world!  Climate issues demand a new path.

CSX rail lines are 1/4 mile from my home.  I cringe as I see the increase in big black tanker cars rolling by!  LNG and toxic chemicals are rolling all around this country.

My stomach turns that our state would even consider turning a salt cavern under Seneca Lake into a LNG storage facility!

I cannot fathom toxic / radioactive waste being pumped underground.  What on earth will we use for fresh water if this horrid technology of HVHF continues?

You, kind sir, must start listening to the scientists, engineers, health professional and every day citizens who disagree - with evidence - that shale gas & fracking are NOT part of an "all of the above" energy policy for this country.   Stop the attack on our country by corporate greed now.  Slow this gas rush down and truly study the long lasting effects of what shale gas drilling is doing to our country and planet.

Make this your real change.  We can do better - Oh Yes We Can!

I'm a grandmother and it breaks my heart to think what my grandchildren (and yours) will have to live with if you continue this course of misinformation.

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