September 26, 2013

NY DEC Protections Require Funding

The operations of the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation are crucial to the economic success of NY State.  We cannot afford to see any funding cuts in the DEC budget as the state budget is being considered by Gov Cuomo for 2014.   This agency needs stronger funding!

Environmental Advocates' recently published an informative report, Turning a Blind Eye to Illegal Pollution.  It lifts the veil on how deep budget cuts have hindered the DEC’s ability to enforce many hard-fought environmental protections. In addition to polluters policing themselves, pollution inspections have dropped across-the-board by an alarming 35% since 2009.

Our state faces difficult questions regarding industrialized gas drilling, toxic waste resulting from HVHF/fracking and other sources, salt mine storage use for LNG, water evaluation, air pollution and more.  If anything, now is the time for Gov Cuomo to strengthen the DEC funding!

DEC operations in this state are not a luxury or merely a singular agency budget issue.  A healthy environment boosts our economy and grows jobs that will foster the future development of this state.

I urge you to support Environmental Advocates' and sign their petition urging all our state lawmakers to fully support and fund the DEC.
From the EA Report
The enforcement of New York’s environmental laws is on the decline. And fiscal storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, which could make a bad situation even worse.
Governor Cuomo has a chance to turn this ship around.

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