October 31, 2013

DEC Heard the message

On Oct 30, frackactivists again took their voices to Albany and specifically the DEC Public Hearing.   What a shock to find out that the hearing had been scheduled in such a small public arena that not all citizens could be seated.  Not even an over-flow area was provided!   Once the room was full, no one was allowed to enter the building until folks came out.  But the sidewalk remained full outside the doors while the comments were being read inside.  Once again - it was obvious that there is sensible and strong opposition to the industrial operations surrounding natural gas production, processing and storage in our state.

One very important note about the LNG regulation proposals and the comment period:  Comments can be submitted until Dec 4!  (See link box at top of this page)   As always Sandra has made it easy and extremely educational to wade through the sections of these proposed regulations. 

Here is a letter from Eric & New Yorkers Against Fracking
Yesterday, our movement pounced on the Cuomo administration’s effort to allow a build out of fracking infrastructure in New York by putting forth fatally flawed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regulations that would lift a 40-year ban that followed a horrific explosion at an LNG storage facility in Staten Island in 1973 that killed 40 workers.

At a spirited rally outside the Department of Environmental Conservation and inside a packed hearing room, hundreds of people from across the state lambasted the proposed regulations.

Check out the photos posted on Facebook.

Read more of a recap on a blog on the Frack Action web site.

At the rally, Sandra Steingraber held aloft the draft regulations – a flimsy eight pages – to show how shoddy they are. She was joined by advocates, experts, and local officials highlighting health and safety risks from the range of facilities allowed under the rules.

It was a great expression of our movement’s power and capacity. Our goal had been to fill the hearing room to capacity, which we far surpassed, sending a strong message to Governor Cuomo and the DEC.

And we can celebrate another achievement: the Cuomo administration is extending the comment period on the regulations another four weeks, to December 4.

Your voice matters - share it!

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