October 04, 2013

New Reports on Shale Gas Development

In the fight against the gas industry's destructive shale gas development, one point has always been muddled:  due to a lack of actual scientific data collection and documentation the affects from HVHF/fracking of the shale layers has never been fully understood.  Those days are over.

Today a new report has been released by Environment America.org:  Fracking by the Numbers
The “Fracking by the Numbers” report measured key indicators of fracking threats across the country, including:
• 280 billion gallons of toxic wastewater generated in 2012,
• 450,000 tons of air pollution produced in one year,
• 250 billion gallons of fresh water used since 2005,
• 360,000 acres of land degraded since 2005,
• 100 million metric tons of global warming pollution since 2005.
Duke University has been looking at water data in PA and recently reported on radioactivity levels in river waters in western PA.  Remember our NY Genesee River has it's head water source in Potter County of western PA.    See also:
Dr Anthony Ingraffea announced in Buffalo last night that several scientists are releasing a new study about methane leaks and its affects on climate.  *As soon as the report is online I will provide the link here  His evening presentation on methane leakage, "New Evidence on Leaky Wells, Emissions and Implications for Policy"  summarized with a strong point:
Better energy solutions are available.  The continued push of national policy and corporate gold rush mentality to develop shale gas is a delaying tactic with bad outcomes.
Our near future depends on the reduction of fossil fuel dependency at all levels as quickly as possible.   Dr Ingraffea give the perfect suggestion: the major oil & gas corporations need to learn from Kodak: Change now ~ time's up.

Renewable Energy NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation : Substituting renewable energy for fossil fuels can mean crucial benefits for New Yorkers

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