November 22, 2013

3 GOP Bills Help Gas Industry

Well, the GOP has mission accomplished.  In one week the House has passed 3 bills that will speed up the process of natural gas drilling and effectively remove the regulations that protect the citizens from environmental damage issues.  Once again the EPA is being attacked for doing it's job of protecting us!  According to these bills, the industry "could" move on the fast track.  Public lands would become corporate playgrounds to do with as they wish.  Pipelines and permits become streamlined for fast growth.

All this happens at the time when we are trying to grapple with the cause and realities of climate change!

What I find infuriating and completely contradictory is the reality that the Republican House has constantly made a fight "against big government" and yet it is they who are creating government laws to rule and benefit business in this land!  Just like the constant attacks on women's health rights, the GOP feels beholden to legislate each aspect of business operations ... according to the wishes of the gas lobbyist interests.  For the good of the people they represent?  Hardly!  It's an easy trail to follow the money.

There are actions to take by every citizen who cares about our children's future and our planet:
  • Write to your Congressional representative and make clear your opposition to special interests' attempts to gain economic advantage at the sacrifice of our environment and people.  Remind the representative that you are not in favor of expanding the fossil fuel industry.  (see Govt Contact Links on sidebar)
  • Write to Speaker John Boehner and post at his Facebook page.  Tell the House Leader that you are disagree with their actions.
  • Write to President Obama and urge his to veto any bill that removes protect of our public lands and attempts to fast track oil/gas drilling.  Industry cannot, will not, regulate itself for the benefit of mankind.  (see Govt Contact Links on sidebar)
For more details on the actions of the House, see Huff Post Green article by Jared Gilmour:
House Republicans Have Passed 3 Bills To Help The Natural Gas Industry Just This Week

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