November 21, 2013

Betrayed by Congress - Again

The actions of the GOP House pushing through bills to increase the volume and permitting processes for gas/oil drilling on public lands is abominable.  We are now facing the reality of severe climate affects that have direct correlations to the continued use of fossil fuels.  The only ones who will benefit from these actions are those who still believe that money will somehow define this world.   They are wrong. Dead wrong.
House Approves Bill To Speed Up Oil And Gas Drilling WASHINGTON (AP) — The House approved a bill Wednesday aimed at speeding up drilling for oil and natural gas.
The measure was one of three energy measures the House was considering this week as Republicans controlling the chamber push to expand an oil and gas boom that's lowered prices and led the U.S. to produce more oil last month than it imported from abroad.   Read full story at Huff Post Green

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