November 05, 2013

Ship Fracked Waste on Inland Waterways

Just when you think we've heard all the bizarre ideas there are on dealing with high volume hydraulic fracturing / fracking, a new really dumb idea comes forth because it "will be better for you".   True - we must get rid of toxic waste that is the result of drilling for natural gas in shales.  Get it off the highway.  Get it off the rail lines.  And most importantly, keep it off the waterways!

EcoWatch posted the following article on November 4, 2013 by Emily DeMarco:

Coast Guard Proposes Policy to Transport Radioactive Fracking Wastewater by Barge
The U.S. Coast Guard, which regulates the country’s waterways, will allow shale gas companies to ship fracking wastewater on the nation’s rivers and lakes under a proposed policy published Wednesday. 
The public will have 30 days to comment.
This is a most critical story to understand because the actions being taken for shipping PA waste will ultimately affect people in Ohio, Texas, Lousisana as the end receivers plus all citizens along waterways throughout the transport routes around the country! 

In my region of western New York, we have the Erie Canal.  If the national Coast Guard has the authority to draft permitting regulations for inland waterway shipping, will that apply to our NY waterways like the Erie Canal?  The Hudson River too?  Noting that a large volume of PA drilling is in the north eastern region of that state, do you think the basic waterways on the map below might be appealing to corporations for moving fracked waste? updated October 16, 2012

It is a quandary of thought that we even consider moving radioactive toxic waste "around the country."    In clarity, the best way to deal with fracked waste toxic substances is to not create it in the first place!   Lets ship solar panels around the country instead.

The public is encouraged to comment on this proposal!  ..... except ..... please note that on the morning of this post - Nov 5 - the site was "temporarily down"!!

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