December 14, 2013

New Documentary has put together a documentary that will air this weekend on MSNBC.  Here's the early preview
Filmed on location in Pennsylvania, the piece will allow public television viewers to hear from:
  • A Pennsylvania family whose well water was contaminated and granddaughter became ill after fracking operations commenced nearby;
  • Dr. Poune Saberi, who has examined health data from nearby residents and workers and believes that the numerous, documented cases of residents becoming ill near drilling operations are likely “the tip of the iceberg;” and
  • Lou Allstadt, former Executive Vice President of Mobil, explaining why he now sees fracking as inherently fraught with environmental destruction.
The version narrated by Martin Sheen will be shown exclusively on public television stations over the next year. A shorter version will air on MSNBC this Sunday between 4pm and 7pm.
Unfortunately, the fight for clean water for the family of Tammy Manning, featured in the video, has escalated since we finished filming this piece. We are working with Tammy and other groups to make sure that WPX Energy, the gas company that drilled near her home and has been supplying her with drinking water since her water well went bad, doesn't yank that water away from her and her family on January 16th. 
Educating people on the truth about fracking is an important part of our strategy to break the oil and gas industry’s veneer and fight back. Thanks for your support that helped make this possible. 

David Masur
PennEnvironment Director

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