January 05, 2014

Learn about TPP

On Dec 1, 2013,  I wrote a small info piece for the blog to make sure readers were also becoming aware of the significance of the TPP - the Trans Pacific Partnership.  This expansive trade agreement involves the United States and ten other countries with a significant net potential:  increase dirty fracking and carbon emissions with profound changes to our way of governance from the industry partners.  Under the banner of trade partnership, the corporations of the nations involved would gain more legal powers over the rights of individuals and communities.

Despite the potential impacts, the TPP is being negotiated in virtual secrecy.  The Sierra Club  published a PDF Fact Sheet and I encourage you to download it and share.  These are not isolated instances and citizen vigilance is extremely important.  Learn what you can.  There are more links on the Dec 1 article as well.

Update:  See Events page for links on Americans Against Fracking Conference call Jan 22.

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