January 09, 2014

NYS Energy Planning Board Press Release

Kate Muller January 7, 2014 (518) 862-1090 ext. 3582 ktm@nyserda.ny.gov
NYS Energy Planning Board Issues Draft State Energy Plan

The New York State Energy Planning Board today issued the Draft 2014 New York State Energy Plan for public comment. The Draft Plan contains actionable policy recommendations and strategies to advance new energy technologies and foster an innovative clean energy economy in New York.

The Draft Plan outlines how State programs can connect with the private sector in ways that encourage the private market to create new, valuable energy options for communities and customers. Empowering the customer and providing options they value when making energy choices is a driving theme in the Draft Plan. The Draft Plan is designed to put New York on a track to contribute to long-range global emissions reductions that reduce the impact of climate change.

The Draft Plan is divided into two volumes and is guided by statutory requirements of Article 6 of the Energy Law. The first volume provides 15 key initiatives to advance the State’s energy future. The second volume addresses energy use, its sources and impacts, and provides detailed background that was used to develop the overarching vision and initiatives in the first volume.

In addition, the second volume provides forecasts for energy supply and demand, a statewide inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, environmental and public health impacts associated with energy production and use, and vulnerabilities of the energy system.

This Draft Plan envisions a flexible and clean energy system that empowers residential customers, businesses, and communities to receive the reliability and affordability they value. To achieve this, it focuses on the following five areas:
1. Improving energy affordability
2. Unleashing the power of private sector energy financing
3. Providing a more resilient, flexible and clean power grid
4. Giving customers more control over their energy use
5. Aligning energy innovation with market demand

Reformed regulations, new roles for utilities, and new strategies based on markets and customer priorities will result in an energy system that is innovative, sustainable, and reliable.
Public hearings on the Draft Plan will be held in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. 

For more information on dates and times for the hearings, and to view the full Draft Energy Plan, please visit energyplan.ny.gov/Plans/2014. Public comments can be submitted in writing or electronically at energyplan.ny.gov/Process/Comments

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