January 07, 2014

While you were out

Did you get all wrapped up into the holiday hub-bud for shopping and excitement?  Did you - for a change - think about your family and friends perhaps a little more than your political and activist duties for a day or two?  Did Black Friday seem like just another shopping day push?  Wrong!

With razor precision timing, the IRS published a new set of guidelines on Black Friday (Nov 29) that severely restrict the activities of a 501(c)4 non profit organization:  Guidance for Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities

So why is this a topic for a blog about high volume hydraulic fracturing?  It is because so many seemingly unconnected issues and event are actually very much connected at the core.  Thanks to an explanation from the Alliance for Natural Health
 "These rules would place strict limitations on speech, eliminate your voice in the political process, and put consumer advocacy nonprofits ... under a gag order, leaving powerful private interests and their government allies free to operate in secret. In short, the new IRS rules are an egregious violation of the First Amendment."
We have many 501(c)4 non-profit organizations working diligently on our behalf to halt the destructive continuance of gas/oil fossil fuel dependence.  It is imperative that we understand the depth of the new guidelines immediately!

 Good news:   There is a public comment period in effect now thru Feb 27, 2014.  Put it on your writing list!

Wikipedia has an excellent page listing all the different kinds of 501(c) non profit organizations that are framed by the IRS.

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