March 22, 2014

Support Marcellus Shale Earth First Legal Fund

Five people protesting natural gas drilling were arrested March 20 in Lycoming County. Authorities said the protest stopped drilling at a state forest for about six hours.   The protestors are from a group called Marcellus Shale Earth First.  Read More

What is happening was made very clear a couple of years ago:  the movement to stop HVHF and it's destruction and pollution of our Earth will not stop.  If politicians and governments continue to ignore the citizens of our communities whilst taking in millions of dollars from corporate interest groups, the stakes will continue to rise.

It does not have to be that way.  Our pathway forward with a green, energy sustainable future is not a dream.  Science and technology will lead the way with investment for research and development.  Everyone can win.  Corporate greed and corruption must become a practice of the past.


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