March 27, 2014

Support Vera Scroggins

UPDATE 5/1:  Vera went back to court in March-- this time with lawyers from the ACLU and Public Citizen. Vera's day in court with proper representation resulted in very good news:
Next Court Date is July 2

Vera's Many of you know who Vera Scroggins is. She's the steadfast woman who has been leading the fight against fracking and its aftermath in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Many of us have taken her tour of the area, seen the gas drilling pads and cut-throughs for pipelines and poisoned wells and endless semi rigs and toxic brine ponds that now define that part of rural Pennsylvania.
Last October Cabot Oil and Gas took Vera to court, claiming that she was interfering with its work. True? Not hardly. All Vera had been doing was recording Cabot's activities, with over 500 short videos now posted on YouTube. And taking people on tours so they could see and hear for themselves what life is like in Frack Country.

But the judge was sympathetic to Big Energy. He granted Cabot's wishes, issuing an injunction that forbade Vera to come within 150 feet of any land where Cabot held a lease. This amounted to 40 percent of the area where she lived, including many of her friends' houses, her local supermarket, her library, and her hospital.

Vera's cause is our cause: if they can take away her First Amendment right to bear witness, they can do it to all of us, in all our struggles.

For more see: — with Vera Scroggins.

Lawyers -- even pro bono ones -- cost money. This is your opportunity to give back to Vera, who has been waging this long struggle and bringing it to the light of day.
Please go the Donate page Public Citizen set up and contribute what you can to Vera's cause

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