April 08, 2014

The Bomb Trains

While the controversy rolls on over oil/gas drilling, storage, pipelines and exports, one thing has already happened that is affecting our NYS region right now :  the massive increase of rail tankers rolling across NYS from the Bakken oil fields in ND.   You are not hearing about the derailments and other railroad problems in the mass media but they are happening.  NYS needs to address crude oil transport!

I invite you to visit Riverkeeper.org and learn about the immediate risks we are already facing.  From the Riverkeeper webpage - a call to action:
"Support Riverkeeper’s call for a moratorium on crude oil transportation through New York State by calling on Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to (1) ban, with an emergency order, the use of DOT-111 cars for transporting crude oil, (2) implement NTSB safety recommendations on crude oil transport, and (3) immediately open a public process for developing new rules and regulations governing oil transportation."

On a personal note, I live within walking distance from the CSX rail line and am experiencing the rapid increase in crude oil transport trains as real events ~ daily.  One afternoon while waiting at a crossing around the corner from my house, I counted 98 cars streaming by!  When I sleep at night I no longer feel comfort when I hear train whistles. Instead I sleepily think: is that another "black trainload"?  Are we safe?

Please visit the Riverkeeper page and take a moment to send your own letter/comments to Transportation Secretary Foxx.  Then share this information with others!  Especially your friends and family who live near the CSX line!

NYS Department of Transportation

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