June 13, 2014

Cheasapeake ....again.

Several articles have been posted on this blog regarding the questionable dealings of Chesapeake Energy.  It never ceases to provide a good reading source of business intrigue and walking the fine line of corporate corruption.    Judging from the continuous onslaught of legal cases against the company, it seems the line often gets crossed.  From the very beginning, this corporate giant has been built on a house of cards!

Huffington Post and The Beast co published an investigative report in Mar 2014 that delves deep into the current saga of how Chesapeake has devised a distribution financial web to keep the company alive at the expense of lease owners and the US Government : On Brink Of Collapse, Fracking Giant Chesapeake Energy Slashed Royalties To Property Owners 

Get yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to read it!  The more we learn about the truly destructive nature of fossil fuel energy production and the shady operations of corporate giants, the quicker we will move to sustainable renewable energy sources and a growing economy.  The shell game must end. 

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