June 11, 2014

Understanding Shale


While waiting for a meeting in Watkins Glen NY recently, I walked some in the gorge.  Standing in the mist of the walls of rock and the powerful waterfall and river brought to light a very profound thought.  

The power of the moving water is breath taking and never ending! The layers upon layers of shale rock tell the stories of years beyond our counting ability and of the forces of nature that move and shape Earth every day.   We are not a stagnant ball of rock.
Industry tends to explain shale gas drilling as taking place in some deep layer of Earth that has no potential to harm or change us.   Pretty maps are usually colored in shades of green, brown, grey and blue to show there are Earth layers way far below.  Even toxic storage wells are said to be safe from harming us because they are secure "below"!

 In western NY, however, we are blessed with two park examples of what shale rock layers really look like.  One is the gorge in Watkins Glen. and one is at the grand falls in Letchworth State Park.   If you live in our region, take a walk again at either of these open parks and look at those rocks with a new thought process.  

Vibrational energy moves this planet.  The process never stops.   What we do "here" always has an affect "there" in time.

Do you really believe that what industry proposes to do beneath our feet can be "safely controlled" ..... forever?  

We have the power to change the technology path for more fossil fuel ~ and we must.   Let's develop our energy needs from all the safe, renewable sources and grow our economy in a truly sustainable way.

Watkins Glen Photos by Barbara Boyce

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