July 17, 2014

Industrialize? Finger Lakes Rally July 14

Citizens from Schuyler County and many areas around the Finger Lakes region traveled to Watkins Glen July 14 to again oppose the Crestwood project for storing liquid propane gas in the salt caverns around and under Seneca Lake.  The county resolution, passed in June, leaves serious questions regarding the true representation of the people of the county as well as specific questions regarding the conflict of interests of Mr Fagan and the legality of the June meeting procedures.

Many of the accounts about the rally on July 14 missed the full story of the activities on that day.  There were close to 500 people attending (inside and outside) .... not just a couple of hundred as reported in a few articles.  The rally was informative and unifying.   By the end of the long evening and again a 5-3 vote to keep the Crestwood project resolution in tact, the large crowd was upset ...but determined as ever to continue this cause. 

Click on the video for more of the full evening's rally.

Making the beautiful, productive agricultural and tourist regions of Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes into an industrialized hub for the transportation and storage of liquid propane gas is beyond reasonable intelligent thought!

The conflict, in all of it's many levels, is not an issue that concerns just Watkins Glen and Seneca Lake.  Everyone in NYS has a stake in the outcome of Gov Cuomo's and the DEC's decision on this project

When it comes down to it - the citizen voice has power.  So does our vote.  NY State is not the place for HVHF for shale gas and definitely not a state suited to pipelines, compressors, massive trucking, train loads of crude oil tanker cars and storage of LPG.  These seem like separate, piecemeal issues yet they are not.  New Yorkers have a choice to either continue a destructive path of the fossil fuel corporate giants or move forward with research and development of alternative, safe energy sources.   Be sure to ask every town, county and state representative their views on this issue so you will be properly informed to vote this November.  Use your power.

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  1. The industrial destruction of rural america in the name of jobs and energy will be a rotten legacy to leave to the next generations. Keep fighting.
    I don't come to the Finger Lakes region for LPG , I come as a tourist for its beauty and clean lakes. John Brooks CFROG California