July 11, 2014

NY is One State - Save Seneca Lake

Over the years of opposing the industrialization of NY State by the gas industry, one point has become perfectly clear:  NY is One State - there can be NO Sacrifice Zones.  What happens in one part of our state affects all parts of our state and every citizen.

While we have been successful to date in keeping HVHF drilling at bay, the push to make NY a HUB of the eastern region for gas storage and distribution routes continues to push hard.  This is harder for the average citizen to see as the web is complex and widespread...
except in the case of the gas storage facility at Seneca Lake 
by the Houston TX based company Crestwood.

Gas Free Seneca has been working diligently to educate citizens and stop this industrialization of the lake region. Please visit their website for an in-depth look at what is at stake!   Salt caverns have failed terribly as storage facilities in the past.  One's review of the events at Bayou Corne LA is lesson enough not to incorporate industrialized gas storage in such fragile earth caverns.  

Any damage to the salt caverns by fresh water from the lake or earth movement shifts, aka earthquakes like the one in Sept 2013,  could be catastrophic for NY State! 

Read the full review of Crestwood's Plan/Gas Free Seneca
 In 2013 Inergy LP merged with Crestwood Midstream of Houston, Texas.  Crestwood  still proposes to re-purpose 50 and 60 year old abandoned salt caverns for liquefied propane and butane storage, as well as expansion of existing natural gas storage by Crestwood subsidiary Arlington Gas Storage. These unlined salt caverns were never engineered or designed for this purpose. The geology is highly questionable.
On Monday July 14 join in the rally at Watkins Glen to show the strong opposition to this plan. (see Events Page)

Call Gov Cuomo's office and voice your concerns.  

Contact your representatives in NYS Legislature and Senate expressing your opposition.  

Whether you live along Seneca Lake or Rochester or Buffalo or the eastern border of NY - YOU have a stake in this proposal.


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