July 07, 2014

Understanding Methane Leaks

Understanding the science behind carbon emissions and methane emissions and their respective effects on climate change can be a daunting  study.  A very detailed yet easy to read report has just been released on Chemical & Engineering News

Methane’s Role In Climate Change 

Whether natural gas is a savior or destroyer of climate depends on how much is leaking into the atmosphere
"Because of methane’s global warming potential, leakage of methane to the atmosphere makes this “bridge” a fallacy, several scientists say. They note that the current natural gas glut—and subsequent low prices—means there is little monetary incentive to stanch methane leaks."   ...
"A growing body of literature supports the view that methane emissions are higher than levels reported by industry and EPA. "
Excellent report.  It puts good perspective on the extremely difficult situations we face today and the needed urgency of correct action.

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