August 22, 2014

Governor Teachout ??

Personally I have not made up my mind as yet about who I will vote for in the Governor's race for NYS.  (Of course that certainly does not include Mr Astorino, who appalls me beyond reproach!)  My heart and mind tend to be in two different places with regards to voting for Gov Cuomo.  So in all fairness I believe Zephyr Teachout deserves to thorough look.   We cannot go into major shale gas industrialization in NY (to "be like Texas")  and continue to live in a healthy, sustainable environment  and economy.  NY is not the doom and gloom Mr Astorino portrays.  We are moving in the right direction of solid sustainable growth and development without destructive shale gas drilling.

Zephyr seems to be the one addressing this issue squarely on the head.  She is worth reading about and deserves a serious look.  Gov Cuomo - you need to be publicly affirmative on which direction you stand.  No more painful silence .... "waiting for the science".  

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