October 24, 2014

A Bigger Picture

The art of distraction is a powerful political tool.  We experience it daily when the conglomerate news agencies simultaneously focus on one story, all the while another important issue is looming in the shadows.   Such is the situation with our struggle to "ban fracking" in NY and around the nation.

While thousands upon thousands of activists, scientists, and professionals continue to do the important work necessary to understand and expose the risks involved with the technology of high volume hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, the infrastructure web of the fossil fuel industry grows quickly through a different set of rules and regulations.  State by state, activists work with state laws and environmental departments to make the dangers of fracking transparent.   But the regulatory agency controlling the pipelines necessary to foster the gas industry growth are elsewhere.  FERC, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,  is the controlling agency of intra-state structures like the Constitution pipeline and others.   Just today FERC announced their approval findings for the Constitution pipeline. 

All around the northeastern states, citizens are jamming town halls and public hearings.  But for some reason, the powers-to-be seem to work and thrive elsewhere.  No Fracking Way has an excellent report today from Chip Northrup with a summary exposure of many of the actions taking place currently.  Be sure to read:
Most People in NY, MA., VT. and NH Won’t Get Fracked. They’ll get gassed. And dumped on.

Direct citizen actions will be forthcoming in Washington DC aimed at FERC.  Read more at Beyond Extreme Energy.

We must remain diligent with our eye on the biggest picture.  

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