October 29, 2014

NY 2014 Environmental Scorecard

Before you head to the voting booth on Nov 4 in New York State, it will be well worth your time to review  

2014 Environmental Scorecard - The public's guide to the voting record of New York State lawmakers

Understand the actual voting records of the people who were elected to office and compare it to the promises of candidates running today.   No one votes to pollute NY - make sure your representatives vote your wishes!

This year, eight priority bills died in the Environmental Conservation Committee, including (see pages24-28):
  1. Fracking Moratorium
  2. Climate Protection Act
  3. Environmental Justice for All
  4. Reduce Toxic Mercury in Light Bulbs
  5. Cadmium-Free Toys
  6. Keeping Recyclables Out of Landfills
  7. Microbead-Free Waters Act
  8. Cover Your Crude
Senator Grisanti also dropped the ball on much-needed brownfields reform that would ensure the program cleans up more toxic sites and is no longer a fiscal albatross for taxpayers, and falsely claimed that hazardous fracking waste from Pennsylvania is not being dumped in our communities, when it is. Which all begs the question: if New Yorkers cannot count on the Environmental Conservation Committee to move sound environmental legislation, then who can they count on to protect our communities and public health?

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