October 30, 2014

Water Withdrawal - come and get it

Of all the stories, battles, struggles and arguments over the development of massive gas drilling using HVHF the one deepest in my gut just got wrenched!  Our state's water can be sucked out with the blessings of NYS DEC and free water withdrawal permits.

New York State Allows Water Grab

- See more at: http://www.dcbureau.org/2014102910051/natural-resources-news-service/new-york-state-allows-water-grab.html#sthash.armx5fto.dpuf
New York State Allows Water Grab
 New York State Allows Water Grab  by Peter Mantius Oct 29.

 It seems like another world to imagine a corporate entity having the right to go anywhere, to any state, and just buy up the fresh water supplies for an industrial use that destroys the water ~ permanently.  And have the approval of that state to do so.  What Painted Post is doing is wrong.  No city municipality has the humane right to sell off the waters of this earth for rampant industrial destruction.

We have talked and ranted about the need to preserve our limited fresh water supplies.  Anyone who says they support the development of the fracking - drilling technology because it "can be done safely" is lying  to your face.  Grab some tea (while you can) and read the article

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