November 20, 2014

A Working House

Apparently the House is working!  Caught this bit of news from Politico's Morning Energy newsletter today:
"HOUSE CLEARS SECOND EPA BILL OF THE WEEK: The House yesterday approved H.R. 4012, Secret Science Reform Act, by a vote of 237-190. The bill, which drew a veto threat from the White House, would prevent EPA from proposing or finalizing any regulation unless the underlying scientific and technical information relied upon for it is made public. Lawmakers shot down a Democratic amendment allowing EPA to utilize peer-reviewed scientific papers even if based on data barred from public disclosure."
Make no mistake - double speak is taking place here. This smacks as a deliberate attempt by fossil fuel industry supporters to stifle environmental protection rulings that might otherwise affect their corporate bottom line interests.  To suggest that peer-reviewed scientific papers are insufficient is absurd.  The GOP is paving the way for continued development of fossil fuel - make no mistake!  This is at the expense of the public's safety.  Our government should be fostering the flow of scientific data - not stopping it.

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