December 17, 2014

Thank You Gov Cuomo for the Ban on Fracking

I am still giddy from the news:  Governor Cuomo has put a ban on fracking in NY!

Here are a few links to full articles on the events of the day:

NY Times

NY Times:

No Fracking Way:

DOH Report DOH Health report


National Journal


and by the way.... to  Karen Moreau, NYS Petroleum Council executive director for the American Petroleum Institute,  YOU are wrong, not Gov Cuomo.  This is the RIGHT direction for NY and its citizens for today and for our future.  We now have a real future to build upon with sustainable, renewable, safe energy technologies as our goal. 

There is much work yet to do because NY must also remove the threats of toxic wastes, dumping, fresh water depletion, bomb trains running through our towns and cities, compressor stations and pipelines.  Yes, much work left to do.  But today is a good re-start.

Join thousands of New Yorkers and show your support for the ban on fracking

Governor Cuomo: 866-584-6799

Acting Commissioner Zucker: 518-474-2011

Commissioner Martens: 518-402-8545

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