January 02, 2015

More Work ~ Get it Green

As thousands of New Yorkers are celebrating the ban on fracking, make no mistake:  we have a lot of work left to do.  The complexity of HVHF has never been JUST about a well hole drilling.  The ramifications of this technology has tentacles long enough and strong enough to choke our entire planet!  Extreme extraction techniques for fossil fuel to burn must never be accepted as the norm.

State Impact Pennsylvania has produced a magnificent interactive map showing the current placement of wells, drillers and violations for Pennsylvania.  If you live in the southern tier of New York this map directly relates to your region.  If you live anywhere in the northeast of the US this map is vital to view.  If you care at all about moving our nation and it's international neighbors into a green, sustainable energy future, this map tells a real story.

photo by Barbara Boyce @ N Chili NY
Dependance on oil and gas may have been an accepted fuel for the last century but we can no longer sustain the devastating effects of these energy sources.  Every pipeline, every compressor station, every well, every toxic waste storage system, every trainload of tanker cars is a threat to our current way of life. Food & Water Watch has an excellent Fact Sheet on some of these issues as related to the production in the Bakken shale of North Dakota and the east coast.  Earthjustice has an outstanding article exposing the dangers and growth of the bomb trains.

We can do better and we must.  It's just that simple.  The more we learn and the more we share will make a huge difference in this progress.   I look forward to seeing 2015 becoming a true turning point for a brighter, safer future on this Earth! 

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