January 28, 2015

REV Reforming the Energy Vision

With the ban on high volume fracking in New York, our state's future is brighter. We can make it even more so by working in our communities to usher in renewable energy and smart energy choices. 

The REV is major decision-making process now underway to transform the retail electricity market and overhaul New York's energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. The stated goal of the proceeding is to create a cleaner, more affordable, more modern and more efficient energy system in New York through the increased development of distributed energy resources like rooftop solar, energy efficiency and battery storage.

Currently, we have a centralized system of mostly big power plants that will transition to a decentralized or distributed system with a greater reliance on renewable energy sources. The REV process will determine who will have access to and control over the new developing energy system. We will be calling on the PSC to develop a democratically controlled energy system where the state works with communities to swiftly transition New York to clean, renewable energy. We will ask PSC not allow the utility companies to monopolize control and ownership over the new energy system.

Renee Vogelsang
Frack Action 

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