February 06, 2015

Standing Firm with Seneca Lake

The controversy around the Crestwood project at Seneca Lake has to be taken in new light.  While in the reality that all is connected, there are many paths to explore including corruption, misinformation, and what American civil disobedience truly means.  None of the events currently happening in NY stand alone.

It seems to be old hat to say that a large number of our NY state and federal legislators are heavily supported (aka influenced) by the oil and gas megalithic corporations.  Take a brief tour at Open Secrets will show where strong money sources from the energy sector goes.  And of course if there were full disclosure regarding campaign contributions (thank you SCOTUS) the picture would look even more profound.  When looking at these numbers and recent past election results, the impact of big money, anti-green propaganda and lies cannot be ignored.

It is their spokespeople and lobbyists who need to be scrutinized in the propaganda put forth.  One paid consultant, Mr Richard Berman, is the perfect example.  His technique proposes to create support for increased gas production through lies and defamation of those who act against the industry's agenda.  When grandmothers and photographers get hassled and obstructed for taking video and pictures in a public venue, you know the fight is heating up.

It is extremely important not to become complacent because NY has banned fracking.  The corruption of our basic political system and freedom continues as a result of the fossil fuel corporate giants desperately maneuvering to maintain their assets and financial power.  Instead of moving forward with environmentally secure and financially solid developments, the old giants are digging their feet into the grounds.  Dirty tricks is taking on a whole new level.

Be aware.  Continue your research.  We are only at step one.  Push for a safe, smart energy future today - it's all we have.

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