April 03, 2015

How many spills?

FracTracker Alliance and Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC have worked to document the numbers of oil and gas spills and violations.  The information has not been readily reported in the media and you probably will be surprised at the high number of violations.

From FracTracker Alliance blog:
Of these companies, the following 10 had the most violations overall, in order of most to least:
  1. Chesapeake Energy (669)
  2. Cabot Oil and Gas (565)
  3. Talisman Energy (362))
  4. Range Resources (281)
  5. EXCO Resources (249)
  6. ExxonMobil (246)
  7. EQT Corporation (245)
  8. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (235)
  9. Shell (223)
  10. Penn Virginia Corporation (186)
Find out more information, including the top violators in PA, CO, and WV, on NRDC’s website or by reading the full report (PDF)

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