April 28, 2015

Why No to TPP

If you are questioning the arguments surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, then you need to read Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's recent press release:

Op-Ed: Don’t Let TPP Gut State Laws

Op-Ed Published In Politico
By Eric T. Schneiderman
State laws and regulators are increasingly important as gridlock in Washington makes broad federal action on important issues an increasingly rare event. From environmental protection to civil rights to the minimum wage, the action is at the state level. Ironically, one thing that may get done soon in Washington is a trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has the potential to undermine a wide range of state and local laws.  Read full article here
Those involved in the issue of HVHF over the years well know the importance of strong state laws.  It is exactly the laws of New York State and individual communities that contributed significantly to our current ban on fracking.   Foreign corporations have purchased vast acreage of land leases in the US for mining purposes of fossil fuels.  Should they not be ruled by the same laws that govern the US citizens and corporations?

Without the solid structure of law in Home Rule and states rights to protect citizens, our democracy will become a corpocracy.    As broken as our system may seem at times, the basic law structure of our democracy works.  We must always strive to strengthen this construct with honesty, fairness and justice equally shared.   Never ever trade those rights away for the sake of short term corporate profits.

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