July 13, 2015

A plan for crude oil by rail

Reported on the daily Politico's Morning Energy report on July 10 by Eric Wolff:
CRUDE-BY-RAIL STUDY MOVES AHEAD WITHOUT TANK CAR COMBUSTION TESTS: DOE and the Department of Transportation have settled on the parameters for a potentially pivotal Sandia National Laboratories study of the properties of light oils commonly transported by rail from the Bakken and other shale plays. The study will omit two of the six tasks outlined in an initial Sandia proposal for the analysis http://1.usa.gov/1gqUS4q , including one that would have included full-scale rail car combustion tests to see how different oils behave and another that would have involved 'comprehensive sampling' of various crudes, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy Paula Gant wrote in a blog post yesterday http://1.usa.gov/1HfZwJd.
Boy ......that ought to make you feel confident and safe!   Be sure to look at the working draft linked in the paragraph:  Crude Oil Characteristics Research Sampling, Analysis and Experiment (SAE) Plan

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  1. This is such a classical plan, this would be such an achievement if this plan works out.