July 10, 2015

No Water... Use LPG to Frack

The recent announcement by Snyder Farm Group in Tioga County regarding the proposal to frack for natural gas using gelled propane leaves me completely jaw dropped, dumb founded! From the article:  
Town of Barton Supervisor Leon "Stick" Cary said that fracking may mean "a happy time for the residents of the Town of Barton, as well as Tioga County." Cary said that he anticipates increased taxes for local government and new jobs.
"The Snyder Group ... have done a good job to harvest what is theirs," Cary said. "It's the gas under their lands, and they have picked a way that is safe ... it will make this area flourish, there's no doubt in my mind."    [bold emphasis mine]
I can immediately think of many arguments against such an idea and they all have been expressed for years by the frackactivist community:
....lack of jobs   ... safety violations ...failed lease promises ....destruction of environment - air, water and mother Earth ....  toxic waste products .... LPG storage  (hmm, Seneca Lake come to mind?)  .... desperate attempts by a dying industry ...  and so many more

But I think was galls me most is the statement "to harvest what is theirs".   The concept that private, personal ownership of something 9500 ft below the Earth's crust belongs to you is outrageous.   The idea that at any expense to humankind, you have a right to go "get it" is preposterous.   

We are temporary visitors to this planet and have a deep stewardship responsibility to tread lightly and leave intact what we use.  For one farmer to say I own this acre therefore I can do anything I want deep deep below is an offense beyond expression.  I know "mineral rights" will be argued across the pages, but the bottom line remains the same.  If  one person .. or a corporation ..  (sorry SCOTUS, these are separate) takes ownership to the extreme that it destroys Earth piece by connected piece, we are doomed.

What could possible go wrong with drilling with LPG?  You must read Chip Northrup's article: 

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