August 10, 2015

A Picture's Worth

I want to give a shout-out to an amazing site added to the resource tab Frack Activism/Energy  As we talk about projects proposed for NY and around the country that relate to gas drilling and it's infrastructure demands, it is hard to grasp the intensity or the physicality of these projects. has an outstanding visual library of the real projects.  The tag line on the website reads:   The best visual Marcellus Shale gas drilling information source with over 2,000 photos!  

Because NY has a ban on fracking, the topics on most people's minds are the pipelines, compressor stations and storage facility proposals.  Dozens of projects are being proposed around our state.  What is proposed on paper somehow never matches the true reality of what might come.  photographic library clears that  view. 

Take a look at this website - it has an abundance of resource information applicable to many areas. 

Please continue vigilance with Gov. Cuomo and state legislators:  Express your voice!

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